One time, Changmin found Yoochun crying by himself while looking at the moon and all Changmin told him was ‘Hey, I know that you’re pretty depressed right now, but there is nothing we can do about the moon. We can’t just take it out of the sky, you know?’ and left.


I wonder if Zico has nightmares about if he was in SHINee.


"that could have been me"

yunho ahjussi, please.


Evil Kyu’s turn to imitate U-Know hyung.

87/100 of Prince Yunho  ヘ(_ _ヘ)  

87/100 of Prince Yunho  ヘ(_ _ヘ)  

dbskweek (Day 3) → OTP: Yunho/Jaejoong ♥→ just because 

dbskweek (Day 3) → OTP: Yunho/Jaejoong 
just because 


Ailee followed Jay Park on instagram


and then she commented on his photo.



i think everyone of us is an Ailee coz im an Ailee~

Do you remember how we got the name ‘Cassiopeia’?


We got it off of the constellation ‘Cassiopeia’. Five stars that shine brightly in the northern skies. That is ‘Cassiopeia’. But, there’s something you should know about ‘Cassiopeia’. The constellation ‘Cassiopeia’ is one you can see all year round in Korea, and it is also…